Once again Earth completed its orbit around the Sun, ending a year that brought major advancements in science. We take this opportunity bring you a compilation of compilations: 7 lists with the best of 2017 and what to look for in 2018.



2017 in Science #1: 8 amazing science from the BBC

“It was a year of endings and beginnings: the plucky Cassini spacecraft’s 13-year-long mission reached its finale, while the fledgling field of gravitational wave astronomy bagged the catastrophic collision of two dead stars. BBC News looks back on eight of the biggest science and environment stories of 2017.”

Eight amazing science stories of 2017



2017 in Science #2: Big Think’s 10 Most Significant Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017

According to the website Big Think, “2017 was a banner year for science, with major advancements coming in numerous areas. While surely some of the discoveries mentioned below will be eclipsed within the next year, this is how science works – careful steps taken by dedicated teams around the world add up and propel us inevitably into the future.”

The 10 Most Significant Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017



2017 in Science #3: 7 science discoveries that may have gone under your radar according to sciencealert.com

Nobody can keep up with every single bit of the amazing science news (in fact, given that we get millions of new studies every year, that’s pretty much impossible). So the website sciencealert.com gathered 7 science stories from 2017 that they thought were cool, special, or maybe just deserved more attention.

7 Epic Science Discoveries You Probably Missed in 2017



2017 in Science #4: Science News’ favourite science books of 2017

From memoirs to investigations on sexist stereotypes about women, the staff of Science News picks some of the best science books of 2017.

Here are our favorite science books of 2017



2017 in Science number 5: Best Science Books according to Science Focus

We can’t get enough of book! So here is a second list of best science books of 2017, this time by Science Focus, the online home of BBC focus magazine.

22 of this year’s best science books



2017 in Science #6: The weirdest science stories from Popular Science

From articles on real life monsters – including our dear friend Creatonotos gangis -, to what would happen to your body if you got tossed into a volcano and the meeting of ‘oumuamua, the first confirmed interstellar object to whiz through our solar system, this list is funny, yet true.

The weirdest, funniest, whackiest PopSci stories of 2017



2017 in Science… Oops it’s all about 2018! 4 science stories to watch in 2018 according to the website CNET.

From opening new fronts in the battle to slow climate change to becoming much closer to our computers, here are four areas that’re sure to advance in 2018, according to the Cnet website.

Genes to geoengineering: 4 science stories to watch in 2018