Ok, we know that this might be a little bit too long ago…! Charles Darwin, the origin of species, and the theory of evolution…but we just want to bring your attention to this fact : Darwin was a true explorer, the master of the explorers of the world. Can you imagine yourself today saying “Goodbye world (meaning family and friends)!” and getting on board at Amsterdam, Plymouth, Barcelona or Naples on a big boat for 5 years? Just to explore the world and discover what’s happening beyond your frontiers? Well, that is exactly what Darwin did. And he was only 20 years old. And he was even married (OMG, no comments). His passion for getting to know how the world was created, what animals and plants were living in different landscapes made him. He did not only discover a huge amount of new plants and big animals, but also very tiny one, like the one here: The Darwin frog is not bigger that the size of your thumbnail. Bright green colour and pointy noise. A jewel. Thanks to Darwin, we know more about this amphibian and its key role in the temperate rainforests of South America. Cool, no