Our young collaborators from Estonia want to challenge yet another stereotype: that women have worse driving skills than men.

The headline

“Women behind the wheel, accident in store? Stereotype or reality?”

Their advice

Accept there are good and bad drivers among all genders, and offer constructive criticism instead of assigning blame.



Stay safe from fake news on the internet

And there’s another awesome aspect about their article! It looks exactly like an online news item, but it was never published online! From the webpage look to ads about​ Science Centre AHHAA and the number of visits and comments, our collaborators designed the article from scratch! It looks just like the real deal, doesn’t it?

This draws attention an important problem: it’s worryingly easy to use news design and layout in order to spread fake news! Now more than ever it is important to know how to stay correctly informed on the internet! Check out this helpful infographic from Citation Machine MLA and learn how to evaluate news items on the internet.