Biochemists study the molecular and cellular processes that take place in all living organisms, ranging from bacteria, plants and animals to human beings.

As a biochemist, your job would allow you to:

  • Analyse the effects of external elements such as food, food additives, allergens and drugs on the cells in our bodies;
  • Work together with geneticists and doctors to conduct tests for detecting diseases, genetic disorders and other abnormalities;
  • Study the interaction of pesticides with plants and contribute to developing better crops and more environment-friendly agricultural practices.

Your work would help advance scientific knowledge to develop better foods, medicines and agricultural products.


Did you know you could work in many places, including:

Hospitals: analysing samples from patients to help advise on treatments

Universities: researching anything from gene therapy and new cancer treatments

Food institutes: ensuring the safety of our food.

Cosmetics: Creating safe or more effective products.

Forensic crime research: evaluation of evidence from all types of biological samples, from DNA fingerprinting to the detection of drugs.

Pharmaceutical laboratories: developing new drugs  or carrying out research into different diseases

Law firms: dealing with scientific specific cases

And of course, in marketing and sales:  selling the latest technology to the right people