By our partners, the Green Teen Team 

The Green Teen Team are young people with a big idea: teenagers can make a difference to the future of the planet through sustainable daily actions and the protection of local biodiversity! It is important for young people to know what they can do to help.

Green Teen Team was founded in 2014 by Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein. Today, they are active in the United Kingdom and Italy, and collaborate with conservation organisations on projects all over the world, aware that the problems faced by the environment are global and affect all of us.

Each of their projects works with local plants, animals and habitats that need protection. When Green Teens and their friends take part in hands-on activities that help local species, they also learn important life skills and how to make choices that are good for the environment.

Miss Martina Burgarelli, interviewed by Princess Theodora Von Liechtenstein, tells you why the Green Teen Team is so special!

This International Day for Biodiversity was no different! Saturday, the 20th of May, the Green Teen Team organised a wonderful celebration to mark this special UN day as well as their third anniversary.

The wildlife park Parco Natura Viva in Italy welcomed the Green Teens and their friends and guests: the “Angels of Pop” Choir from the Instituto Compehensivo di Bardolino, students from the Instituto Compehensivo di Bussolengo, the Lazise Secondary Schools Flying Orchestra and D.A.M. Karate-do from Lazise. To warm up for the fun day ahead, they learned how to turn plastic bottles into green and useful self-watering seed planters.

Guests from the Lazise Secondary Schools Flying Orchestra try their hand at recycling bottles into seed planters

Want to try out this activity yourself? Theodora and Antonia tell you how!

The Green Teens and their guests were curious to know which plants and living creatures had joined them for the party! Scientists and volunteers from Parco Natura VivaBiosphaera, and Farfalle Nella Testa helped them look for and identify all the inhabitants of the area – whether hidden in the old woods, the river, grass or trees – during a mini-BioBlitz, sharing helpful tips along the way.

Who’s hiding here?

Who’s living in the river?


Hear Mr Francesco Barbieri (in Italian) from Farfalle Nella Testa share tips on how to identify flowers for butterflies. A quick hint: it’s all about flower shape and size!

The fifty olive, cherry, plum and peach trees donated by Vivai Banterla and planted by the Green Teens are good news for local pollinators such as bees and insects!

All hands on deck! It’s time to plant some trees!

The Green Teen Team and their guests were rewarded for their hard work with choir and orchestra performances, and a silent karate display. Celebration cake was also a must!

Happy anniversary, Green Teen Team!

Thank you, Green Teen Team, for helping teenagers develop their confidence and important and green life skills!

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