Computer forensic analysts use their computer science knowledge and forensic skills to recover information from computers and data storage devices, to help solve different types of crimes. As a computer forensic analyst, you could focus on:

  • Preserving, identifying, extracting and interpreting computer evidence such as deleted files and emails, encrypted data and passwords;
  • Using your skills to assist in civil or criminal investigations.
  • Your work would help to maintain a secure society by ensuring all evidence comes to light during investigations and court cases.

The Forensic Analyst is most well-known for working within the law enforcement industry; however, he or she can also be hired to test the security of a private company’s information systems. The Analyst should have an excellent working knowledge of all aspects of the computer including but not limited to hard drives, networking, and encryption. Patience and the willingness to work long hours are qualities that are well-suited for this position.