By Fleur Oosterlee
Expect Everything Dutch Contributor

Everybody eats snot. Don’t deny it, even you sometimes eat snot. Maybe you just don’t notice it. It happens automatically. You swallow and… there. You did it again. Now, you’re probably thinking: I never eat boogers! You probably don’t, but every day you produce a minimum of one cup of snot. 95% of this you swallow. So, Everybody ‘eats’ snot! But what is snot? What functions does it have? Is it bad to swallow snot? And what happens with snot in your body?
Snot is nothing but a fluid produced by your mucosa in your nose and nasal sinus. It consists of 95% of water and the rest is slime and dirt. It has 2 main functions and it is not as useless as you think. Snot is very important for you. The dirt that enters your nose, is stopped by the snot in your nose, that’s how dirt becomes a part of your snot. All of this dirt is stopped in your nose.

Snot is also a kind of lubricant in your nose. It wipes away unwanted parts, like bacteria, pollen and dust. The fine vibrating hairs push the dirty snot to your throat and then you swallow it. It goes through your oesophagus into your stomach. The stomach acid kills the bacteria and other dust particles. The clean slime is recycled by your body.

But is it bad to swallow snot? The opinions vary. One scientist thinks it strengthens your immune system, because of the bacteria that it contains. Another says it is not hygienic. But scientific research on the effects of swallowing snot has never been done.

Everybody eats snot. Automatically and unconsciously. But it does happen. Everybody at minimum swallows a quarter of a litre per day. Snot does have all kinds of functions and is not bad for your body. So, I say: keep eating snot!