“A Girl”, a new movie by Sylwia Giernatowska

Hypatia Project and EXPERYMENT science centre proudly present: “A Girl” a new animated movie by Sylwia Giernatowska, one of our Polish Editorial Board young talents. ” A girl” tells the story of a new student, determent to show the world (or at lest her new class) her AMAZING math skills… Don’t miss, ” The Girl”, now showing exclusively here 📽️


Perfect Summer Time Experyment

On this video by Esmee Greveling (16), one of our Dutch Editorial Board contributors, we show you how to enjoy your summer playing with water and learning physics at the same time


Robots in our society

Robots already are a big part of our society. But what if robots would be living in our society like us humans? Of the thousands of faces you see on a day you wouldn’t know how many of those faces belonged to humans or robots.  A little terrifying isn’t it? Join Emilia Vitez (15 y.o) in this exploration of our possible future.


The secret for a long live?

Single people are proven to live longer by owning a dog. Research shows that single people who own a dog are less likely to have coronary heart diseases. A dog will make you feel less lonely and walking a dog will give you more exercise. If you think puppies are cute, go get one now and live a longer and happier life!


The lunar missions top 10 conspiracy theories

We all heard it! Those crazy theories “proving” that man has never stepped on the moon… Well… if you ever had any doubts, we are here to help you out! Our Dutch reporter Otto Geerlings (12 years old) investigates the conspiracy theorists claims and the true behind them! No fake news allowed !!! 🛑


Fireflies: The most efficient light ever made

Why do fireflies glow? And how can their tail light up? What are fireflies exactly? Dutch Editorial Board Contributor, Fleur Oosterlee schools us in this interesting questions!


Young Scientist, N1

Our Editorial board in Poland brings you YOUNG SCIENTIST magazine. Our publication includes articles on AI, astronomy, oceanography and even physic in movies! We also write why we love science and give tips how to train our memory to learn more effectively. Special part concerns longevity issues like con-scious machines, moral aspects of eternity and many others. – ENJOY!! 🙂 <3


How the weather influences your mood?

Everyone feels a little happier when the sun shines brightly over the city and everyone feels a little bit down when you have to cycle through heavy rain. But does the weather actually impact our lives and our actions? How do hot and cold temperatures affect our daily life?


How does your brain work?

We challenge you!!! Read this list of colours: but not the name: try saying the colour the word is printed in, not the one it actually says. Hard no? What to know why?? So check out the video by Rachella!


Our planet(s) should come first

Scientists have always wondered about life in the universe: are there other life forms outside of Earth? Can we inhabit other planets? However, searching for a planet for us to live on is not that easy as it sounds. Maybe focusing on our planet should be a priority at the moment? Our editorial boar contributor Emilia Vitéz ponders this question… And you, what are your thoughts?


Programming Mindstorms Robot in Linux

Have you hear of Lego Mindstorms? 🤔 In this 📽️ Otto Geerlings, one of Expect Everything Dutch contributors, show us how to to programme Lego Mindstorms using Phyton.


International Women’s Day

by Nina Sneijers, 15 years old Expect Everything Dutch Contributor March 8 is International Women’s Day. Celebrated in many countries around the world, the International Women’s Day originated at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. It is a day to recognize women’s achievements in all areas, including science.  So…


The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars- Arthur C. Clarke

The president of the United States of America, Trump, said he is planning on sending astronauts to the moon again. Why haven’t they been there in all these years? And why does Trump want to send people to the moon again?


Eating snot

By Fleur Oosterlee Expect Everything Dutch Contributor     Everybody eats snot. Don’t deny it, even you sometimes eat snot. Maybe you just don’t notice it. It happens automatically. You swallow and… there. You did it again. Now, you’re probably thinking: I never eat boogers! You probably don’t, but every day you produce a minimum…


What do they have in common?

What does the first women in the moon, a future pilot, a future psychologist, and a future historical figure have in common?


We Interview Women in Science Vol2

Myrto Beese, one of our editorial board contributors from Thessaloniki in Greece interviews her aunt, a woman in STEM working in the gas industry. 📽️


We Interview Women in STEM Vol 1

We enjoy the victories – big or small – of past generations of Women in Science who paved the way. And so will the generations that come after us. We are building better ways of making and talking about science- for us and for the next generations!!  Myrto Beese, a 15 years old student at…


What do you think about STEM

How do teenagers perceive gender unbalance and biases in science and technology? Curious to know the answer, Theano Koltsou, one of the contributors from Expect Everything Greek 🇬🇷 Editorial Board, conducted a survey investigating the ideas, perceptions and attitudes of students about STEM and related subjects. Theano is 14 years old and a 3rd year high…


2018 Calendar by Anna Daskopoulou

We love calendars and celebrating amazing woman in STEM. So download this new calendar made specially for you by Anna Daskopoulou, a 15 years old student at Anatolia College Thessaloniki!


Young Inventor: Olga Filson

This is Olga Filson, she is 13 years old and lives in Luleå, Sweden. She is an Expect Everything contributor who loves science and technology (STEM). Check out her latest invention 💡


What We Are all About

There is so much to explore and learn, so much to contribute and improve. You can bring so much change to the , that’s why we say #ExpectEverything!!! Made at Teknikens Hus , this animation by Ludwig & Fabian perfectly captures the spirit of our campaign. Come explore with us!!!     


Careers in Science: Science Communicator

Have you ever considered a career in Science Communication? Not sure what it is: check this video 📽️ by our Swedish editorial board and let Emelie Keskitalo explain what being a science communicator means 👍


2017 in Science

We bring you the compilations of compilations: 7 lists with the best of 2017 and what to look for in 2018.


2018 Woman in Science Calendar

Download the 2018 Women in Science Calendar!


Connections with Santa Claus

Did Santa choose the best option for gift deliveries last night? Dutch Editorial Board Contributor Michelle van de Glind examines Santa’s best options for maximum efficiency on gift delivery.


Let’s Make a Change

Let’s Make a Change it’s the second animated movie by Expect Everything Austrian Editorial Board. The movie focus on the school system and a nice swap story!



In October, The Austrian Hypatia Youth Hub created 2 videos about gender stereotypes students have to face at schools. Together, the first of the two movies, shows how at schools – especially in sports – gender stereotypes still exist. People are left out of teams just because their gender doesn´t seem to fit to the…


The place of women in environmental science

By Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia Rastko Beronja                 I would like to present a successful scientist Bojana Zoraja. Recently, I have asked her a few questions which reveal how is to be a women scientist in Serbia.   Could you please introduce yourself? My name is Biljana…


STEM: What Makes It So Special?

In recent years there has been an outcry for more people to pursue a career in Science & Technology, but what holds teens back? Expect Everything 🇬🇧 Contributor Kimberley Phiri goes on a mission 💪 to discover what are the effects of media, society, and what teenagers see around them on who they choose to become.👍


I’m Evie Cosgrove

Meet our UK Contributor #Evie. She is 15 and passionate about #biology 🌿& #wildlife 🦉. Because of her passion, she started her own you tube channel – Evie Goes Wild , where she found her way to express her passion and encourage others to do the same. 😀


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 9: Lonely Robot


Hypatia project by Anna Rooth

How was your experience with STEM subjects? 🤔 Our #UK contributor Anna Rooth Made a beautiful cartoon illustrating her story 😍 👉


Gender bias within STEM subjects

Why the large divide with 👨🏾 & 👩🏾 choosing physics and biology? 🤔 #UK #Contributor Finlay Yates shares his thoughts 👉🏾 https://goo.gl/vxerW4


Women in science, my thoughts…

Expect Everything Contributor Hajduk Kristina shares her thoughts on how it is to be a woman in STEM… As a 17 years old, what she thinks it takes, why we should try and what to expect… Maybe just expect everything?!?!


Ivana, the Batwoman of Science

Just in time for Halloween Jelena Košćuk, Expect Everything contributor from Serbia, interviews Ivana Budinski, a former student of Jelena’s high school and scientist with an unusual passion for bats.


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 8: Why Robot?


Witch of Agnesi

By Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia  Branko Amidžić, from Petro Kuzmjak Highchool, Ruski Krstur, Serbia     I assume that everybody who has a younger brother or a sister is not very happy when babysitting. Imagine how it was for Maria Gaetana Agnesi, who had twenty younger siblings. But that did not stop her to do…


Women in science, a poem

A poem by Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia Uroš Kočović Petro Kuzmjak Highchool, Ruski Krstur, Serbia           Science is like a spell, Maria Mayer has got Nobel prize for model of atom shell. Woman have put science in action Rosalind Franklin has worked on X-ray diffraction. Also on DNA to put biology…


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 7: Robot Jungle – Dedicated to Mme Cadenat


The Creation of WERK*

by Science Gallery Dublin’s Youth Advisory Panel, the Young Leonardos It all kicked off back in the New Year of 2017 when we gathered as a group for the first time and were tasked to create and assist in organising a careers event for second level students. The brainstorming sessions we had along with the…


Women on Walls

Sheila Tinney is believed to be the first Irish-born woman to receive a PhD in the mathematical sciences. Maria, the student who produced this video, wants you to know how important it is for female scientists to be visible and honoured in our public spaces. Maria Ezheleva is an Expect Everything young contributor from Ireland.…


Sexism in Science, Past and Present

By Anna Dunnion and Mórna Henehan, Expect Everything young correspondents from Ireland There’s always been a common notion or idea that men naturally are more logical and best suited to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathetics) subjects. Although over  recent years the idea that women can’t be as skilled in these areas has declined, as more…


Our Own Theory for “The Big Bang Theory”

By Lauren Hennessy, Kate Dunnion and Caoilfhain Doran, Expect Everything young correspondents from Ireland Throughout ‘The Big Bang Theory’ series we found that the show was quite sexist towards women in the science field. We based this on the three main female characters in the series: Penny, Bernadette and Amy. Penny (Leonard’s Wife) Penny’s the…


Influential Women in Science

By Harry Jones and Jacob Herd, Expect Everything young correspondents from Ireland 17th and 18th century   Science was becoming wildly popular throughout the world at this time in history. People were questioning more and looking for answers.  In this time women were viewed as intellectually inferior so getting into science was much more difficult. …


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 6: Reality


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 5: Priorities



  … covers of women and men’s magazines imagined by Editorial Board team at AHHAA Science Centre, Estonia     The girls had to image a stereotypical magazine cover for men and chose cars, tools and electrical appliances. The boys picked fashion, tuna (??) and home decoration for a magazine cover that tried too hard…


Who’s behind the wheel?

Our young collaborators from Estonia want to challenge yet another stereotype: that women have worse driving skills than men. The headline “Women behind the wheel, accident in store? Stereotype or reality?” Their advice Accept there are good and bad drivers among all genders, and offer constructive criticism instead of assigning blame.     Stay safe from…


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 4: Compliments


Dare to differ: a fresh take on gender stereotypes

More women than men in certain jobs, stereotypical opinions about what girls and boys like, the question of bathroom signs… our young collaborators working with AHHAA Science Centre (Estonia) talked honestly about their impressions on all of these subjects. “Julge erineda” means “Dare to differ”! Are you ready to challenge gender stereotypes in your everyday life?


Girls talk STEM: Meet Katariina from Estonia!

Meet our young collaborator, Katariina! She’s 16 years old, and will soon be starting her 11th grade. Science, nature and equestrianism are her interests, but she is also adamant that, when she grows up, she would like to be a Disney princess. Yes, she really means it! “I mean, I’m already almost a grown-up, but…


Girls talk STEM: Meet Ronja from Estonia!

Meet our young collaborator, Ronja, from Estonia! She’s 17 years old and will soon be entering 11th grade. Among her many interests are classical singing, voluntary work, and making small gifts and surprises for her friends for no special reason. Choosing between normal and weird, she’d choose weird: “I just go with the flow.”  …


My STEM identity

By Jasper Eddison, 15, UK young correspondent Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Personally, I take great interest in all four categories included in STEM, but why? And why is there such a lack of graduates in the European Union for STEM subjects, when unemployment for graduates is so high in other fields? An innate passion…


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 3: The Four Stages


The STEM Career of a Girl

By Yuchao Fan, UK young correspondent   As a child, she had no interest in STEM – she found it boring and unsuitable for her. She eventually went on to pursue a career in a different industry. Was this lack of interest in STEM purely innate, perhaps simply a matter of preference?   Our story ends…


Celebrate biodiversity with Green Teen Team!

By our partners, the Green Teen Team  The Green Teen Team are young people with a big idea: teenagers can make a difference to the future of the planet through sustainable daily actions and the protection of local biodiversity! It is important for young people to know what they can do to help. Green Teen Team…


Science and Me

By Tom Conradi, UK young correspondent STEM subjects are the basis for all the advances our society has made in the last few hundred years. From the Large Hadron Collider to keyhole surgery science has progressed massively since the Industrial Revolution, and this is partly due to the nature of scientific discovery: the more we discover,…


Stop this vicious cycle

By Alfie Poynter, UK Editorial Board Why is there a gender imbalance in the STEM field and how can equality be achieved? The STEM field is heavily dominated by men; areas like engineering have only 9% female workers. But why is this? We are currently living in one of the most accepting and encouraging societies…


The STEM of the Problem

By Amy Jackson, UK young correspondent Since the creation of science, technology, engineering and maths, men have led the way in all things STEM. From the invention of the light bulb to doctors during the world wars, women have been very much out of the picture and despite a few notable names, the situation nowadays is not…


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 2: Cleavage


Speed Date at the museum

Tuesday afternoon, after school, the students eat a quick sandwich and come to the Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci. The school and the museum are nearby and therefore the museum staff of the Hypatia project invited the panel of teenagers to participate in an activity  before returning home to study. In this period…


In the Eyes of the World

Our young Israeli Editorial Board members have been thinking hard about the mismatch between the diverse paths women follow in life and the often unvaried and problematic way they are seen ‘in the eyes of the world’.   Who are our Israeli Editorial Board members?  The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem has been working with…


A most crucial question

  Our young Israeli Editorial Board members are baffled that seeing a woman in a leadership position or a man in a domestic role still manages to surprise. They want to ask you: “Are you really doing what you want, or what others expect of you?” Because, when such images are not the common currency,…


JessComix or: The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Men and Robots

Episode 1: Your Excuse


She did!

  Our young Israeli Editorial Board members are shedding light on a less-known episode in the discovery of the DNA’s structure. Rosalind Franklin and Raymond Gosling, a PhD student working under her supervision, were the source of the much celebrated “Photograph 51.” Those working in this field could deduce from this photo that DNA had a…


My dream of becoming an Archaeologist

My name is Alicia Chevreau and I am 16 years-old. I am a 2nd year high school student specializing in biology and since secondary school, I have a dream. While watching a documentary on the Cambodia city of Angkor Vat, it became clear to me: I want to be an Archaeologist! Bringing the past back…


Learning about unknown scientific women

by Jeanne Expect Everything French Editorial board I am a first year science student at a High School in the south of Île-de-France. I really like sciences, and especially mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Indeed, I enjoy thinking, understanding the surrounding world, seeking and solving problems. I would like to tell you about a series…


Facing gender stereotypes in class

By Jeanne, Expect Everything French Editorial Board I am a first year science student at a High School in the south of Île-de-France. I really like sciences, and especially mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Indeed, I enjoy thinking, understanding the surrounding world, seeking and solving problems. My French teacher is a respectful and very cultured…


The “Blue Economy “

    By Gabrielle Tourte and Emma Ciazynski, Expect Everything French Editorial Board   Recently, while watching Idriss Aberkane’s conference on “The economy of knowledge”, we learnt about a theory which highlights the possibility of an economically viable world without waste. It is the Blue Economy theory, developed and mostly supported by Gunter Pauli who…


Women in STEM memory Game

To celebrate the contribution of these amazing women to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, we created this Memory Game that you can download and print. Here are the rules: Mix up the cards. Lay them in rows, face down (Expect Everything side up). Turn over any two cards. If the two cards match,…


Expectations and worries concerning sciences

By Expect Everything French Editorial Board Elisabeth Viossat Louise Billault Nicolas Moine Titus Renouf   Science gathers many domains and concepts, from the laws of physics to mathematical calculations The evolution of science is paramount for life functioning. It is crucial to preserve and improve it as it is the source of many creations:   Medical…


The brain’s various defence strategies

      By Sarah, member of Expect Everything French Editorial board   My name is Sarah, I am 15 years old and I study at Charlemagne high school in Paris. I really enjoy chemistry, physics and psychology but I am not really passionate by biology, sociology and economy. I have always been interested in…


I dreamed of… GPS contact lenses

By Nourhane, French junior Expect Everything report   My name is Nourhane and I am a 2nd-year high school scientific student. My favourite courses are mathematics, biology and history. Later, I would like to be a doctor, ever a paediatrician or a gynaecologist.   I wanted to share with you a dream that I made…


Meet four fantastic inventors!

By Pietro Mari and Cecilia Zurla It’s not often that we can say who invented the thousands of things we use every day. We may know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone or debate who invented the airplane, the Wright brothers or Santos-Dumont, but most of the time, we go about our days unaware…


The first woman on the moon

  By Romy Harink, Expect Everything Dutch correspondent   On 29 of July 1969, the whole world was holding its breath to see one man take the first step on the saying the famous words “that’s one step for the man, one giant leap for mankind”. What about the first woman on the Moon?!?! Did you know…


What is the difference between being a boy or a girl?

What opinions do you have about what it means to be a boy or a girl when you’re a ninth grader in Denmark? A conversation between Oliver Enevoldsen, Carl Lonborg, Gustav Lunde, Viola Melamies, Waldemar Blichfeldt, William Kronborg, Rasmus Baun Bartran, Gustav Ravn Madsen, Hanna-Sofie Dahle and Sigrid Garder, 9th grade students from Maglegaards School…


Why are science centres important?

By Oliver Enevoldsen, Carl Lonborg, Gustav Lunde, Viola Melamies, Waldemar Blichfeldt, William Kronborg, Rasmus Baun Bartran, Gustav Ravn Madsen, Hanna-Sofie Dahle and Sigrid Garder, 9th grade students from Maglegaards School in Denmark   We are part of the youth panel of Experimentarium, the Danish science centre in Copenhagen. We were asked why a science center…


Houston, we’ve got a problem

      By Maaike, Expect Everything Dutch reporter     If you have seen the movie “Gravity”‘ you know the phenomenon: a fly-away George Clooney who gives his life for the protagonist. Of course, this is all recorded in a studio but what if you actually float away from the last pieces of humanity?…



    By Jol Abels, 13 years old Junior Editor Expect Everything     A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to buy a new phone. While searching the Internet and reading reviews, I noticed that new phones support wireless charging. I was wondering if I should buy a more expensive, wireless rechargeable mobile, or a…


How to make businesses more gender inclusive?

By Romy Harink, Expect Everything Dutch correspondent     On the 30 June Dutch social reporter Romy (17) visited the Hypatia event ‘Making your Business More Gender Inclusive’ in Brussels. The main question of the day was how companies can build a more gender inclusive environment in #STEM related industries. The event will be moderated by…


Science activities should be inviting to everyone!

There is a growing need for people who are skilled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Ok, this is something we constantly hear. So, let’s skip this in mind. What should be done? European governments and the European Union are working on attracting and recruiting more youth to STEM study programmes: They must not…


Inclusion in museums and science centres

It is easy to consider museums and science centres welcoming and inclusive places. When we enter a science centre gallery with all its hands-on exhibits featuring scientific principles just waiting to be discovered, it is tantalisingly easy to think that these spaces extend the same open invitation to everyone. However it is becoming more and…


Girls only love sports for girls? Not really!

Fiori Endt is 14 years old. She is one of the Dutch editors for Expect Everything. She tells us about her passion street hockey and why she has chosen this as her sport.       I love hockey, but not ordinary hockey. My sport is ice hockey during wintertime and street hockey in summertime.…


Getting young people enthusiastic for STEM: It’s not as hard as adults think it is.

    Tips for adults by Sanne van Beem, Reporter Expect Everything   First of all, the rate for youth unemployment is high i Europe. On the other hand, there is a shortage of technically skilled personnel. It is argued that both problems can be solved by getting children and young people excited about STEM,…


The first woman on the moon

  By Romy Harink, Expect Everything Dutch correspondent   On 29 of July 1969, the whole world was holding its breath to see one man take the first step on the saying the famous words “that’s one step for the man, one giant leap for mankind”. What about the first woman on the Moon?!?! Did you know…


Tube Your Future: a big promotion of science and technology!

  By Romy Harink, Expect Everything Dutch correspondent   After a long trip by train form my hometown in The Netherlands, I finally arrived at NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. The first thing I saw was lots of students nicely dressed in suits or dresses, just according to the dress code. They all came for the…


How would you respond if you were in their place?!?!

English version Our French youth panel met on 26 March 2016 to discuss science, but also gender, and above all, to give recommendations to the European Commission on how to put in place programmes to attract more young people to science. Our panel representatives during this meeting were: Elisabeth, Nicolas, Louise, Hamed, Maude, Samuel , Théo…


NEMO is looking for young editors to work with us!

Are you between 13 and 18 years old and are you interested in science or technology? Than, we are very curious to hear what you think! What news strikes you? What do you expect from science and technology in the future? What is fun to read and hear about? NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is looking…


Amazing scientists!

Hey, We’ve been up for some days now. And it might be just the right time to tell you about amazing scientists out there. Check who they are and what they do. You can check them following this link! They travel the world, research, explore, do incredible things, make amazing breakthroughs and above all they…


Nothing better than a good maths puzzle

Do you want to have fun with a great brainteaser? Check the one bellow. It has been going viral in recent days after being shared on Facebook 🙂 1 + 4 = 5 2 + 5 = 12 3 + 6 = 21 8 + 11 = ?   The solution: There are two possible…



We want to help you discover how great STEM can be (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) can be. They are fields with fantastic opportunities. But sometimes the way they are though and communicated can feel excluding for some people (most of us really) and filled with stereotypes. Tackling this problem is not the job only of…


Cool organisations to know about

You probably like science, or maybe you already know you love it! Or maybe, you are willing to give it a try. So we thought it would great if you knew about these organisations that work with STEM and young humans like us: Greenlight for girls is an international organisation dedicated to inspire girls of all ages…


A Density Experiment You Can Drink!

Density is a fascinating thing that we see around us all the time! This easy experiment illustrates the idea of density in liquids and it will look pretty cool in your next lunch party! You will need: Juices that have different density levels. The density of a juice is often determined by how much sugar…


A Frog and Darwin

Ok, we know that this might be a little bit too long ago…! Charles Darwin, the origin of species, and the theory of evolution…but we just want to bring your attention to this fact : Darwin was a true explorer, the master of the explorers of the world. Can you imagine yourself today saying “Goodbye world…


The Mother of Pulsars

The day I meet the mother of Pulsars…the mother of what? Well, if you haven’t heard of pulsars I don’t blame you, but pulsars have been there, up in the skies of our immense universe for quite some time. And it was Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered them. And I met this lady and had…


Hello, world_

A new journey starts here, today! Let’s celebrate :). So if this is a journey, then, welcome on board. This post is just a door opening to a whole new world of discoveries, surprises, and ideas coming true. In a nutshell: EXPECT EVERYTHING! From us, from science and above all from YOU. You are the…