In this final evaluation report, the Evaluation team presents interview findings and observations outcomes that were conducted during the implementation phase of the Hypatia project to assess how this process has worked. In total there were 10 interviews conducted : 1 with the WP leader of WP5 – Experimentarium, 4 were conducted between evaluators and third parties from Estonia, Serbia, Spain and Sweden and the last 5 were conducted by third parties themselves with facilitators of modules from Ireland, Austria, United Kingdom, Poland and Greece. Observations were done by third parties from all the nine countries listed in the preceding section in their respective countries. The evaluation interview with the Work Package Leader (WP) 5 responsible for Toolkit implementation was conducted in Month 25 of the project. Furthermore, Third party interviews were conducted to examine the different aspects of the adaptation process of the Hypatia Modules as well as the implementation of the toolkit in these countries. In addition, information is provided in this document based on the detailed findings and the analysis of the observations that were conducted by the Third Parties and served to evaluate the usability of the Hypatia toolkit, its effectiveness and the engagement of teenagers with the toolkit activities. Towards the end of this final evaluation report, de Montfort University provides recommendations based on the evaluation findings.

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