Fiori 1Fiori Endt is 14 years old.
She is one of the Dutch editors
for Expect Everything.
She tells us about her passion street hockey and
why she has chosen this as her sport.




I love hockey, but not ordinary hockey. My sport is ice hockey during wintertime and street hockey in summertime. And do you know why I like this sport? Because of the guys!


Fiori 2Me and my gear
This is me in my special hockey gear. The photo is taken on the rink. Therefore, the picture is slightly shaken. That is because of the action! As you can see I look much bigger than in real life. That’s all because of the gear.


Girl sports, boys sports?
Sometimes people say that girls only like sporting with other girls, but that is not true at all! Do you know why? Well, I am a girl and perform a sport with very few other girls in my team. Actually, I like street hockey and ice hockey because there are not that many girls in the team. The few girls in my team are really one of the guys. We like to compete with the guys and we can take a beating at the rink! Every girl can join if they don’t mind that it is a tough sport. So it is really stupid to say that girls only like sporting with girls!


We like pain?
This is another misconception. We don’t like the pain! That’s why we wear this special clothing. It looks tough of course (and that’s nice as well), but the main reason is that it is made of a very hard fibre and hard plastic. It really is a super techy thing! This ensures that you are protected when you fall or hit the wall. The plastic absorbs the pain you could say, and makes sure you don’t get hurt too much.

Besides, a little bit of pain is not so bad. But be aware! If you bump somewhere where you are not protected, it can be quite painful. And then it really helps that you can take a beating.


Later when I have grown up
I attend lower vocational education. I don’t think you can find a real job in my sport with my education. That’s really stupid! That’s why I want to be a cook. Cooking is fun to do. Especially when you are cooking for other people. Actually, that’s also why I like my sport. We are a team. Working together.


Fiori 4