On the 28th and 29th of April, Hypatia Project joined EXPOsciences, one of the largest annual competitions for Belgian primary and secondary school students interested in STEM subjects.

Organised by Jeunesses Scientifiques, Wtnschp in en uit Brussels, and MILSET Europe, the event was one of the many taking place across Europe to mark the STEM Discovery Week initiative organised by STEM Alliance.

Over a thousand students presented a variety of research projects to their peers and experts. It is estimated that around 150 teachers attended the event.

From its location in the Technology Hub, the Hypatia stand brought visibility to its toolkit by engaging teachers, science educators, researchers from both the public and industry sectors, but also parents and youth animators, in a discussion about gender and science. Visitors had the chance to test some activities themselves, and to observe and hear from students engaging with them on the spot!

This was a brilliant opportunity to check in with students about their evolving understanding of gender and science, and reach a wide audience approaching science and gender from diverse perspectives and positions.