This document details the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for the Hypatia project. It defines the working procedures, processes and best practice guidelines in order to ensure quality standards of the project outcomes.

Its main aims are:

  1. Managing the interaction between the beneficiaries during the work execution;
  2. Detailing how and when the project documentation has to be exchanged within the beneficiaries and in relation to the European Commission;
  3. Ensuring the consistent progress of the work on a regular basis;
  4. Setting editorial standards for project document contents;
  5. Ensuring is the good communication with the public and with other European projects.

It’s important to remember that Hypatia is guided by major reference documents, which define the objectives, the work programme and the operational procedures of the HYPATIA project:

  1. The Grant Agreement including its Annex I (Description of Action DoA) and Annex II (General conditions),
  2. the Consortium Agreement (CA) signed by all beneficiaries,
  3. guidance documents provided by the European Commission,

By publishing Hypatia´s Quality Assurance Plan we hope to assist future European Projects and demonstrate our dedication to transparency and collaboration.