Title: Presentation of the HYPATIA project to education consultants at NOESIS

Date: 20 October

Place: NOESIS Thessaloniki Science Centre & Techenology Museum, 6ο χλμ. Οδού Θεσσαλονίκης – Θέρμης – Τ.Θ. 60330, Thermi 570 01, Greece

On 20 October 2017, NOESIS Thessaloniki Science Centre & Techenology Museum will present its 2016-2017 programme to education consultants from primary and secondary education. During the event, there will be a special presentation for the HYPATIA project and the national hub.

Title:  Making Your Business More Gender Inclusive

Date: 30 June

Place: Halles des Tanneurs, 60. Brussels

The workshop took place in Brussels and gathered top European industry representatives, together with European policy makers, researchers and science centre representatives to discuss the role the industry sector has in engaging young people, and especially girls, in STEM related careers. Industry leaders exchanged about the latest researches and discussed case studies and best practices. The event was also  an opportunity for Hypatia to share exciting new tools especially tailored to help the industry to become more gender inclusive in its practice.

Title:  Universcience hub launch

Date: 1 June

Place: Universcience, Paris

Description: Universcience had its public launch on 1 June, when around 40 hub members will gather Ms. Robine, Director-General of School Education, Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, Ms. Seydoux, Head of the Women’s Rights and equality Service of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights and other French partners such as the L’Oreal Foundation, will take part in the launching.

Title:  NEMO Science Museum hub launch

Date: 12 May 2016

Place: NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Description: On 12 May, EU-project coordinator and hub-leader for the Netherlands, NEMO Science Museum, will organise and host a working breakfast in occasion of the launch of the Dutch Hypatia-hub. Participants from industry, policymakers, gender experts and educational experts all over the Netherlands are going to exchange their views about STEM and gender and discuss expectations of their participation in the project Hypatia. Focus of this meeting is to learn from each other and to find out in what way Hypatia can help to have a more inclusive and gender diverse STEM future in all organisations. Monique Westland will be present on behalf of the Advisory Board Hypatia and students of the Bonhoeffer College will join in the official launch of this national cooperation.

Title:  Launch of Danish hub

Date: 26 April 2016

Place: Experimentarium, Copenhagen

Description: On 26 April, Experimentarium in Copenhagen hosted a range of different activities to mark the launch of its hub, such as a discussion on careers & education in STEM and the introduction to the youth panel and to gender inclusion in Experimentarium’s exhibitions.

Title:  Bloomfield Science Museum hub launch

Date: 11& 12 April 2016

Place:  Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Israel)

Description: This event marked the launch of Hypatia hub in Israel. It gathered 30 + representatives of the stakeholders. The meeting started with a presentation Prof Bathsheba Cerem (Advisor to  the President of Hebrew University on gender) followed by a keynote speaker, Prof Dafna Joel. The project was then presented with a focus on the activities for the industry.

Title:  Women’s Side of Science

Date: 28 April 2016

Place: Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade

Description: Center for the Promotion of Science is holding a workshop on “Women’s Side of Science” to exchange ideas on the topic of women in science, industry and business environment, as well as to launch the hub. The event will be preceded by a two-day workshop for high school programming, which will be implemented in cooperation with the community Rails Girls of Belgrade.

Title:  First Estonian Hub Meeting

Date: 28 April 2016

Place: AHHAA, Tartu

Description: AHHAA is hosting their first hub meeting for the adult panel today. The panel is composed of important Estonian organisations working on gender equality and related issues. Among them are the project Gender School, ‘Girls in IT’ workshop, and the Laboratory of Thin-Film Technology (all three associated with the University of Tartu), the Estonian Human Rights Centre, the Offices of the Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner and the soon opening shopping and free time centre ‘Kvartal’ in Tartu.

Title: Hypatia at the dutch Physics Teachers conference

Date: 16 and 17 December

Place: Woudschoten, the Netherlands

NEMO, Hypatia’s Dutch Hub and project coordinator will present the project at the dutch Physics Teachers conference. During the event, lucky participants will have a sneak preview of several Hypatia toolkit workshop, including theoretical framework.