by Nina Sneijers, 15 years old
Expect Everything Dutch Contributor

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Celebrated in many countries around the world, the International Women’s Day originated at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. It is a day to recognize women’s achievements in all areas, including science.

 So let’s focus on Women in Science

The fact that there are so few women in science has always been an item on the agenda of many national and international political institutions. In the fourteen countries in which the UN conducted an investigation, 18% of women did a Bachelor, 8% had a Master’s degree and 2% went for a Doctor’s degree, while those percentages were 37%, 18% and 6% for men. Over the past 25 years, the UN has increasingly asked why there are so few women in science and why so little is speaking at High-Level events about science. They wanted to ask for attention.

So there was the first High-Level meeting of World Women’s Health and Development Forum organized by RASIT and the United Nations. At that meeting, it was decided that a day was needed to bring women to the attention of science, the day became 11 February and every year we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This involves all kinds of science, but mainly the STEM disciplines (science, technology, technology and mathematics). A survey shows that the number of European women working in these fields is only 36%. That should become more, that is clear.

 My own opinion

Gender must make no difference in science in the year 2018. A woman who studies chemistry and a man whose field of study is Spanish shouldn’t be a problem at all! The problem though is that is STILL IS SEEN AS A PROBLEM! is the case these days, Still the number of women in science and mainly the STEM areas is so much less than the man that study Science. I wonder why. Is it nurture of nature? At least, I hope that my children can grow up in a future where such a day is no longer necessary, because there are just as many men as women on the beta.

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