The Local Action Plans (LAP) objective is to help science museums and science centres to serve as permanent places where gender and STEM are addressed and worked on. This deliverable includes a series of recommendations, for long term implementation of Gender inclusion in STEM communication, in 14 countries in Europe and Israel. The recommendations are based on the Hypatia project resources, on partners’ experience and shared learning. The LAP of each country is intended to serve as a working document for each partner for the years following the official ending of the Hypatia Project. LAPs aim to ensure the sustainability of the project and the links the Hypatia Partners have formed with all the relevant sectors – the research and industry, schools and other informal STEM education organizations.

The format of the LAP was formulated at the fourth Hypatia consortium meeting in Vienna following contribution by all the partners. The fruitful discussions in the meeting that dealt mostly with the implementation process inspired the partners and gave them new ideas for writing their Local Action Plans.

The template given to partners includes 4 sections that describe 4 sectors/places in which the main Hypatia tools will be implemented in the future to ensure the sustainability of the project after it ends: in the partner’s museum/science centre/network of science centres; in research and industry institutions; in schools; and in other informal science education organizations.
In each section the partners filled out how the main tools of Hypatia – The Theoretical Framework; the Toolkit; the Hub and the Youth Panel – will promote gender inclusion as part of meetings with teenagers in particular and with public in general.

The LAP document includes short texts of clear actions, in a friendly design, to increase usability in the future.

In this document you will find:
1. Summary of the main recommendations that appeared in the LAPs of the 14 partners of Hypatia project – 12 science museums and science centres , and 2 science centres’ networks.
2. 14 Local Action Plans (LAPs) of all Hypatia project partners and one EU Action Plan (EUAP) which is based on the main recommendations were offered by all of them.

Please download the document here