By Romy Harink,

Expect Everything Dutch correspondent



On the 30 June Dutch social reporter Romy (17) visited the Hypatia event ‘Making your Business More Gender Inclusive’ in Brussels. The main question of the day was how companies can build a more gender inclusive environment in #STEM related industries.

The event will be moderated by Quentin Cooper, host of BBC Radio 4’s Material World. Julie Ward, Member of the European Parliament, who discussed the role of policy makers in the issue. Donna Herdsman, recently nominated as one of the 100 executives in the UK & US who have fought against discrimination and have championed ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace, made a special emphasis on understanding how gender is key to achieving a more diverse industry that will result in thriving businesses. Quentin Cooper discussed gender on STEM related industries with David McDonald, Director of Philanthropy at the L’Oréal Foundation and Ken Armistead, Director of Corporate Communications at PPG industries. At the event of event the public broke into small groups and shared their own experiences and thoughts, emphasizing the the challenges and opportunities in having a more diverse team in companies.

To report on the event and what she learned, Romy created an amazing stop motion animation. Check it out and don’t forget to follow our page on YouTube!