During the first 18 months of the project, Ecsite together with the partners and third parties have started implementing the Hypatia communications strategy. The first 9 months were dedicated to laying the foundations with the development of a communication and campaign strategy and sustainability plan. In April 2016, we launched the Hypatia project website targeting educators and a website especially targeting young people as an add-on to the project.

So far, the efforts of the 18 partners combined could have reached a potential audience of 3.6 million people around Europe. This figure is the result of combining the reach figures of all the Facebook posts, twits, TV and press coverage, meetings and presentations. Our partners have mostly relied on social media and presentations and their hubs to start spreading the word on how to communicate science in a gender inclusive way and about the toolkit. Partners have already reached out to several local and national communities.

In terms of sustainability, the efforts already undertaken together with a very successful
European Stakeholders event have proved to be a perfect start for the future sustainability of the whole project. Besides contacting the institutions that were mapped in the first months of the project, we have worked towards establishing new relationships at the European and National level.

This mid-term report on dissemination, campaign and sustainability includes information about the activities that have been developed by all project partners as well as the third parties until 31 December 2016.