by Anne Broekmeulen
Expect Everything Dutch Contributor

The president of the United States of America, Trump, said he is planning on sending astronauts to the moon again. Why haven’t they been there in all these years? And why does Trump want to send people to the moon again?

It has been 45 years since the Americans went to the moon on their Apollo 17 mission. Trump wants to not only make America great on earth, but also in space by making the US the leading space-industry country. The reason why there haven’t been any Americans on the moon in 45 years, is because past presidents have cancelled The Constellation Program. They believed earthly problems to be more important than discovering the galaxy.

Trump’s second reason to set up a new program, is because the moon will make a path to Mars. The moon can be a station where a community could live and where we could send people further into space, to places like Mars.

The energy to make a community or a take off possible, will be provided by solar panels positioned on the poles.

Sadly, Trump’s plans haven’t been researched yet. A lot of the technology that will involve in his plans, haven’t been invented yet. This is why we don’t know when there is going to be a moon landing. At least we know there is going to be one, and I hope that finally a woman will walk on the moon.
Written by Anne Broekmeulen