by Emilia Vitéz
Dutch Editorial Board Contributor

Scientists  are wondering about extra-terrestrial life. A universe this big must have more planets where some form of life exists. Claudius Gros (German physicist) thinks that human are so valuable, why wouldn’t we spread ourselves throughout the universe? He thinks that we should get the chance to develop ourselves on planets other than earth. However, finding a planet for humans to live on is not that easy. Scientists have looked in our solar system but unfortunately most of our surrounding planets are uninhabitable. Some planets are so close to the sun that it is too hot for us humans to live on, and the outer ones are too cold, but most importantly all these planets do not have oxygen. Our best candidate so far is Mars.

Why Mars? Mars’s internal structure is very similar to the internal of our earth, and it is not that far away –compared to other planets- Mars is only 225 million kilometres away. That is about 250 days travelling, but scientists are working on a vehicle that would go faster. But people should be provided of life needs. These people need it for on the way, when they are on Mars and perhaps if they return to earth. The last thing is harder to do, how can you get a spaceship in the exact same condition as it is on earth, when there is nothing on Mars? People who go to Mars must create their own society. And not only people who go to Mars, but if we go anywhere in the universe, it might not be as easy to get back.

However, searching for a planet for us to live on is not that easy as it sounds. There must be a planet similar to our planet if the universe is this big, but scientists keep on finding different planets all across the universe, none of them are alike. But would there be a planet that has that one thing in common with our earth? And even if we did, how long would we travel to get to this specific lookalike?  A new born baby could be 80 by the time we would arrive  on our new home.

Overall, a lot of people share the opinion to save our own planet first. Our climate is changing because of us. We should save our own planet first before we start tearing down others. We can not just neglect this planet and then move on to another one. But some people say a new planet to live on would be a great solution for our growing population. What do you think? That we should search for a inhabitable planet or focus on the planet that we live on right now for our progeny?