Hypatia’s toolkit is an accessible, practical and ready-to-use digital collection of innovative activities aimed at teenagers. The collection contains workshops, speed dating, card games, debate scenarios and plays drawn from good practices across Europe. Each activity, called module, has a central focus on gender-inclusive ways of communicating STEM, empowering teenagers and exploring the range of skills that are needed for a great variety of STEM studies and careers open to young people.

Each museum partner (BSMJ, EXPERIMENTARIUM, MUST, NEMO, UNIVERSCIENCE) developed three activities for three different contexts (museum, school & research and industry). From April to September 2016, each partner tested six modules: the three modules developed by themselves, plus three imported from another museum, one for each context.

This report gives an overview of the Piloting Process of the modules conducted by the five museum partners. It presents how to put in practice Hypatia’s theoretical framework about gender inclusion and how the modules were tested with the different audiences (schools, families and adults) and in different countries.