Rastko Beronja

Rastko Beronja

By Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia
Rastko Beronja

I would like to present a successful scientist Bojana Zoraja. Recently, I have asked her a few questions which reveal how is to be a women scientist in Serbia.

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Biljana Zoraja and I am graduated at the University of Novi Sad at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. I am an engineer of Environmental and workplace protection.

What is your job?

I work as a scientist and associate at the faculty. My research is dedicated to environment and its protection.

Is it demanding job?

The job is highly demanding because I don’t have specific working hours. My work are determined by demands of research. It happens that I am on twenty-four-hour duty. Sometimes solutions can be reached quickly, sometimes I have to spent lot of time to get results. Also, sometimes results are unexpected. But it one thing is sure. It is always interesting.

How is to be a scientist?

The job of a scientist is not an easy one. Firstly, you have to be an excellent student. Secondly, you have to study and dedicate your life to the research. Definitely, you have to sacrifice a lot of personal your life.

Is it harder to get a job because you a female scientist?

In my field, there is no difference. Actually, odds are in female favor. There are many young women in the environmental researches. Sometimes, it happens that a woman scientist have to postpone research because of maternity leave, so that might be an obstacle.

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