By Dutch Editorial Board contributor
Emilia Vitez, 15 years old


Recently I saw an interesting programme on the television that made me think. Robots already are a big part of our society. We use robots for operations, in our hospital a robot searches the medicines for the pharmacists and robots who help people with diseases. But what if robots would be living in our society like us humans? Of the thousands of faces you see on a day you wouldn’t know how many of those faces belonged to humans or robots.  A little terrifying isn’t it?


Robots are an amazing example of what technology can do nowadays. You see them more and more often around. In the healthcare robots do operations, there is a robotic rescue team, we use them in traffic and they even play sports! How cool is that? Not only that but robots also go outer space, and could be researching our surrounding planets. Robots take over unstimulating work for humans, but don’t they take away opportunities for job-seekers?  That is the darker side of the robots, don’t they take over too much? The worlds’ population keeps growing, but jobs are getting harder to find. It is amazing how we can build these robots that can do so much but aren’t we taking jobs away? Especially now more and more people are coming to this earth and they need work.

And how normal are robots going to be in a couple of years? Even now I think it is pretty special if I see a robot anywhere doing something, I personally think it is really impressive what a robot can do already. Some people believe that robots would be very much alike with humans in a matter of time, and that is the thing right: very much alike. Because robots will never be humans, nor the other way around. A robot cannot feel ‘emotions’, you can put as much sensors on a robot for it to ‘feel’ but a robot would never be sad, truly sad. You can programme a robot to be ‘sad’ in certain situations, it could recognize specific words and define that it is indeed sad. However, when your walking down the street and robots look exactly  like humans joined with facial expressions I can believe it is very hard to figure out who really is a human being. I personally think robots are very cool, but they are ‘unpredictable’, one can create a war-robot or they might even exist already. And I wouldn’t enjoy robots just casually living in our society, but that is my opinion. What do you think, should robots be a part of our society or should they just stick to playing sports?