Are you between 13 and 18 years old and are you interested in science or technology? Than, we are very curious to hear what you think! What news strikes you? What do you expect from science and technology in the future? What is fun to read and hear about?

NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is looking for young people for the editorial board of Expect Everything. If you join, you will have the opportunity to write about your own experiences or about exciting developments and the latest news from the science and technology world.

Together with other editors from 14 EU countries, you will build and spread Expect Everything message! What you produce will be viewed on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and

For the Dutch editors, NEMO will also organize the masterclass Science Journalism & Social Media at the Science Museum.


How can you become an editor?

Send an email to Lisanne Bronzwaer at NEMO Science Museum telling her more about yourself (in 200 words or less) : Name, age, school and grade, your interest in science and technology and why do you want to be part of the editorial board?  Also, show some of your mad skills: are you a blogger or vlogger? Are you a design ninja? Deadline is 13 May!!!

And please don’t forget: If you are under 18 years, make sure you have permission from your parents to become an editor!


How it works?

NEMO will collect all contributions and maybe give a final tweak. After that, they will be translated into English and published in throughout the month of June 🙂 You will also be invited to the Masterclass Science Journalism and Social Media, where, together with a well-known science journalist and a scientist, you will learn how to create great science related content. You will discover how to do research, which are good sources, how to get inspiration, how to transform complicated content into an accessible article, which images are better to use and how you attract attention in social media.