By Oliver Enevoldsen, Carl Lonborg, Gustav Lunde, Viola Melamies, Waldemar Blichfeldt, William Kronborg, Rasmus Baun Bartran, Gustav Ravn Madsen, Hanna-Sofie Dahle and Sigrid Garder, 9th grade students from Maglegaards School in Denmark


We are part of the youth panel of Experimentarium, the Danish science centre in Copenhagen. We were asked why a science center like Experimentarium is important coming up to the World Science Science Centre Day. Here is what we came up with:

It’s important to have a science centre because it manages to communicate a lot of knowledge down to something that even children can understand. Maybe visitors even develop a larger interest in science because of it. Experimentarium creates interest and gives room for renewed knowledge to a huge audience. In addition to this, it of course also serves as a place where families and friends can have a fun time.

When it comes to the younger generation Experimentarium is extremely important because it acts as a completely new and different way of teaching than the one we’re used to at school. At Experimentarium we don’t only learn by listening and watching a teacher. Instead we use our whole body and we even actively interact and participate in the education. That form of teaching is a lot more fun, not to mention a lot more instructive considering it becomes more memorable. Instead of remembering that assignment we did in class with pen and paper, we’re reminded of that game or fun experience that came with it. That form of alternative and distinctive education is part of the reason why Experimentarium is very important for young students.

A lot of kids are inspired by a trip to Experimentarium owing to the fact that you discover and become aware of many new things. Science is a big part of the experience and when it’s combined with fun and games it becomes something very special. Experimentarium makes learning fun.