As part of the implementation of the Hypatia modules each partner (including third parties) has held one or more national seminars. The national seminars were to be organised for school head teachers or what was better defined during the project meetings as decision makers as many of the partner countries do not have head teachers in schools. The first step was to identify the formal education systems in the different participating countries already at the first and second consortium meeting (November 2015 in Amsterdam and June 2016 in Brussels) and according to each national education system they were identified who the decision makers for each countries school plans would be. The goal was that these people would be able to bring the educational resources of Hypatia inside the classrooms in all our participating countries. What it was discovered for example was that in the only effective way to enter schools is via the ministry of education. And in the Netherlands, as schools work in a very autonomous way, it was the teachers of different schools directly the ones the project would have to reach. In Denmark head teachers do not exist, but often a teacher can have the responsibility of being in charge of new science initiatives. It was defined that the target group for the national seminars could also include science ambassadors in schools, science teachers and headmasters as well as other relevant key stakeholders.

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