Our young Israeli Editorial Board members are shedding light on a less-known episode in the discovery of the DNA’s structure.

Rosalind Franklin and Raymond Gosling, a PhD student working under her supervision, were the source of the much celebrated “Photograph 51.” Those working in this field could deduce from this photo that DNA had a helix-like structure. Jim Watson was shown this picture during a visit to King’s College, London and shared the finding with Francis Crick. The insight is said to have been crucial in helping Crick and Watson develop their DNA model, but the original ‘photographers’ did not get the credit they deserved.

“We all stand on each other’s shoulders” is reported to have been Rosalind Franklin’s gracious response when she saw the model built by Crick and Watson.


Who are our Israeli Editorial Board members? 

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem has been working with a very diverse team of high school students: girls and boys, Arabs and Jews, and religious and non-religious young people are all represented on the editorial board. They were brought together by their interest in bringing science to a wider audience as well as more gender balance to STEM fields. Some of the students are even part of the museum’s staff, and help with projects, events, and exhibitions that contribute towards these goals.

Working in three small groups, the students discussed gender and science, and created visuals for the Expect Everything blog! We are very happy to share their contributions with our readers.