On 8 February 2018, NEMO Science Museum organized the first youth panel of Hypatia where young people collaborate with the industry.

Youth panels can be a great way to get business and young people in contact with each other. It is interesting for young people to see the possibilities and get acquainted with future employing companies, it is also very interesting for companies to get input from the target group they are focusing on.

NEMO tried to accomplish this by organizing an afternoon in which several companies were able to very shortly present themselves and then Océ, BASF, PPG and NEMO Kennislink all held a pitch of ONE minute on a case or problem they were dealing with. The youngsters then went to work in groups on possible solutions in which they did not hold back on their personal opinions.

This afternoon was a great success. The contact has been laid with the young people and a number of participating companies have even invited the teenagers to the company for a follow-up appointment. A beautiful example where business and young people work together for a better bèta future.


In answer to the question of how we can attract more women to technical companies: “It should not be the case that companies are looking for women because they are women. These women should be hired because they have the right knowledge and skills.

A reaction to a campaign: This campaign shows only the product, but not the process that precedes the product, while this process is the thing you will be working on at this company.