By Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia 
Branko Amidžić,
from Petro Kuzmjak Highchool, Ruski Krstur, Serbia



I assume that everybody who has a younger brother or a sister is not very happy when babysitting. Imagine how it was for Maria Gaetana Agnesi, who had twenty younger siblings. But that did not stop her to do research in mathematics. One visitor to the Agnesi family compared what he saw to the Cathedral in Milan, writing it was much more impressive.


Maria was the author of “The Basics of Analysis for Italian Youth” – one of the first books about mathematics written by a woman.





In her work, she examines the turning curve with the analytic notation      

The curve name, Witch of Agnesi, comes from a mistranslation of the term averisera (“versed sine curve,” from the Latin vertere, “to turn”) in the original work as avversiera (“witch”).

Google has honored this woman mathematician with a Doodle in 2014 in the memory of 296th anniversary of her birth.






Image: An animation showing the construction of the Witch of Agnesi curve. The witch is just for fun!


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Branko Amidžić is 17 years old.  He attends the Petro Kuzmjak gymnasium in Ruski Krstur. He is from Serbia and, in his free time, he likes to go to marksmanship trainings. He also loves to write books and to travel. In the future, he would like to become a judge.