A poem by Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia
Uroš Kočović
Petro Kuzmjak Highchool, Ruski Krstur, Serbia






Science is like a spell,
Maria Mayer has got Nobel prize for model of atom shell.
Woman have put science in action
Rosalind Franklin has worked on X-ray diffraction.
Also on DNA
to put biology on a good way.
Maybe you know Maria Mitchell,
she was the first astronomy teacher.
Women education was tough mission,
when Lise Meitner discovered nuclear fission.
Those girls discovered science key code
but that was a hard road,
from discrimination to the success
that words can’t express.
They had a coat instead of a dress,
trough history women in science were mess.
In the past they couldn’t go to college
even if they had the knowledge,
but they shown the bright side
and they are world’s pride.


About the author

Uroš Kočović is a 16 years old student from Kula, Serbia. He studies at Petro Kuzmjak gymnasium in Ruski Krstur. He practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and really enjoys listen to rap music. One of his idols is 2pac. In the future he would like to study nanotechnology.