Hajduk KristinaBy Expect Everything Contributor from Serbia
Hajduk Kristina,
from Ruski Krstur, Serbia




All girls and women, regardless the age, have to believe they are able to do something interesting and new for the world. A woman can become a scientist, she only needs to have a strong will and believe in herself. Every woman can become famous across the world.


In science, men stand out more than women. History records that women have done a lot, and they got very little. For example, Mileva Marić Einstein helped her husband Albert Einstein in his projects, and did not get any recognition. Later, but too late for Mileva, world found out about her contribution.


Being a scientist is a great responsibility. Scientist have be aware that the whole world expects a lot of you.


I think that it is very difficult for a woman to decide to become a scientist and to present her projects to the whole world knowing that she will face a lot of criticism.

About the Author

Kristina Hajduk is 17 years old and lives in Ruski Krstur. She is in the third grade of Gymnasium in Ruski Krstur. Her favorite subjects are biology and mathematics. She likes to sing in choir, dance traditional folk dances, read books, travel, draw and watch movies.